30 Day Guide: Organizing Your Home

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30 Day Guide: Organizing Your Home
Have you made a resolution for 2023? Did it involve cleaning, getting rid of the clutter and being more organized? If not, we bet you are thinking about it now! Our homes are places filled with love and laughter but also collect a lot of “things” day after day. Whether your house is big or small, it can take a lot of work and time to get it back in shape. To help you reach your organization goals, we recommend breaking down your tasks and doing a little bit each day. Follow our 30 Day Guide: Organizing Your Home below.

Kitchen: Days 1-7

Under Sink/Cleaning Supplies
Junk Drawer

Bathrooms: Days 8-12

Linen Closet
Primary Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Medicine Cabinet

Bedrooms: Days 13-18

Dresser Drawers
Under the Bed
Toy Box
Desk Drawers

Miscellaneous: Days 19-28

TV Cabinets
Laundry Room
Holiday Decorations
Art & Craft Supplies

Garage: Days 29-30


Extra Tips

Mini bins can be helpful to organize drawers and tiered shelves can add extra storage space in cabinets. Adhesives are a great way to add storage to cabinet doors. Add pockets to cabinet doors in the kitchen to store paperwork or notepads. In the bathroom, you can add magnetic strips for bobbi pins and bins to store hair ties, brushes or even hair straighteners and curling irons! Using the “File Folding” method for your clothes and towels will not only allow you to easily see all of your items but also helps them stay organized longer.
Having a clean and organized home can feel so rewarding! Not only will your home look great but it will also be beneficial when the time comes to sell your house. Are you thinking about your next move? Contact us today to discover the difference in Arrive Real Estate Group.

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