Where Are People Moving?

Where Are People Moving?
We have all spent plenty more time in our homes these past two years. This has caused many to re-evaluate their needs and desires. While some people are satisfied doing some renovations and staying put, others are looking outside of the Bay Area for a place to call home. So where are people moving? According to data collected from the California Policy Lab, Californians are moving to:
While they aren’t necessarily the top destinations, these states have seen the largest increase of former California residents:
But not everyone who is moving, is moving out of state. We are seeing many people moving from the Peninsula and South Bay moving into the East Bay as well as many people from the East Bay moving to the Sacramento suburbs.
Over the past five years, the majority of Silicon Valley’s residents stayed in California. According to the 2021 Silicon Valley Index, 29% remained in the Bay Area, 6% moved to the nearby Monterey area, 6% to the Sacramento area, 8% to San Joaquin Valley, and 14% to Southern California.
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