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Legal Protection For Your Transaction

Legal Protection For Your Transaction
For most buyers and sellers, real estate transactions represent the biggest financial and emotional investments of their lives. Because real estate agents and brokers are not allowed to provide legal advice, buyers and sellers sometimes have questions about the sales process, tax ramifications, and other questions that only attorneys can answer.
Arrive Real Estate Group is proud to offer our clients Buyer and Seller Protection Plans, provided by Real Estate Risk Management, Inc., to fill this void. These plans can provide you with peace of mind by giving you access to a team of legal professionals before, during and after the close of escrow. Legal questions may arise at any time during your transaction. RERM’s Panel Attorneys can assist you with a wide variety of legal questions; providing assistance should you need it for the sale or purchase of your property. Our goal is to help you resolve disputes before they turn into lawsuits.
The Buyer & Seller Protection Plans provides you with the following protections and services:

Telephone Consultation

Up to 30 minutes of telephone consultation per nondispute, transactional legal matter with a licensed real estate attorney. There is no limit on the number of matters eligible for consults, as long as questions pertain to different legal concerns and are related to the property listed on the protection plan documents. Example: Disclosures, Bankruptcy, Deed in Lieu, Foreclosures, Title Issues, 1031 Exchange and more.

Document Review

Up to ten (10) pages of document review by the panel attorney. Legal Advice is Available Before and One Year After the Close of Escrow.

Reduced Hourly Fee

Up to a 25% rate reduction off the normal and customary fees for any additional services that the buyer or seller requests from the participating attorney. *After the Close of Escrow

Lifetime Mediation Services

Disputes can arise after escrow closes, leaving injured parties to feel that their only recourse is to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit. At RERM, we help buyers and sellers avoid the expensive and time-consuming hassle of pursuing legal action by providing lifetime mediation services after escrow closes. Services covered under the plan include:
  • Self-help guidelines for communicating your claim to the adverse party, including sample demand letters.
  • Informal mediation services to bring about early resolution of most disputes—with a success rate above 96%.
  • Help with facilitating mediations to comply with the mediation clause found in most real estate purchase agreements.
  • Information about the small claims court system when other remedies have not resolved the dispute.
Buying or selling a home can be scary, even with the support of an experienced real estate professional. The Buyer & Seller Legal Protection Plan helps increase buyer and seller confidence, leading to smoother transactions for everyone involved. All of these protections, services and safeguards are yours when you partner with Arrive. Whether it be a dispute regarding a deposit, homeowner, agent, disclosure or document, we have you covered. Arrive Real Estate Group won’t let a legal matter stand between you and your dream home!

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