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Myths About Sun Safety

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Myths About Sun Safety
The warm weather is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and have some fun with your family and friends. But it’s also important to protect your skin. Here is your annual reminder about how important it is to stay protected and common myths about sun safety.
Myth No. 1: It’s fine to tan as long as you don’t burn.
A sunburn is certainly more harmful than a simple tan, but any extended exposure to the sun can be harmful, regardless of your skin tone.
Myth No. 2: An umbrella will completely protect you from the sun.
Though an umbrella will go a long way toward keeping your skin safe during a day at the beach, the sand still reflects 17 percent of UV radiation. Wear sunscreen in addition to staying in the shade.
Myth No. 3: You don’t need sunscreen on overcast days.
False! About 80 percent of the sun’s rays still pass through on cloudy days, so you still need sunscreen.
Myth No. 4: The sun can’t pass through windows.
Glass filters out some UV rays, but not all. Be especially cautious if you or your passengers are exposed to the sun on a long car ride.
Myth No. 5: You need sun exposure to avoid vitamin D deficiency.
Extended exposure isn’t necessary—your body will get enough vitamin D from food, multivitamins, and minimal time in the sun.
Myth No. 6: As soon as you have sunscreen on you're covered.
You should wait 15-30 minutes after applying sunscreen before going outside to allow it to absorb into your skin and protect you from UV rays. 
Myth No. 7: You are protected the same in a hot tub as in a pool. 
Sunscreen can be less effective in hot tubs due to sweating and water. Also, chemical sunscreens can also change molecularly when they get too hot, making their active ingredients less effective.
In addition to applying sunscreen anytime you are enjoying the sun, remember to schedule your annual skin cancer screening. Most insurance companies now cover part or all of the cost of the screening but always good to confirm with your provider first. Are you dreaming of soaking up some vitamin D in a new backyard? Contact Arrive Real Estate Group today to make your backyard dreams come true!

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