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Remote Learning Back to School Tips

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Remote Learning Back to School Tips

The first day of school is right around the corner. Things will be different this year but it is important to continue your normal traditions and possibly start new ones! As many of us will be starting the year with remote learning, we know it will be overwhelming to see an entire textbook, workbook, or program online. It will be important to establish a good routine and expectations in your home from the start. Here are some ideas on how to make the return of school just as exciting as usual!


Countdown to the First Day

Online or in-person, the first day of school is something to celebrate! Find a fun way to countdown whether it be on a calendar or cutting the loops on a paper chain. Perhaps put a special treat in a jar and take one out everyday until none are left on the first day of school. Be creative and have fun with it!

Buy a New Outfit

Just because classes are online doesn’t mean your student shouldn’t stop an iconic back-to-school tradition. New clothes always make anyone feel special! Besides, remote learning or in person, kids are still growing and chances are, they will be in need of new clothes for fall before you know it!

School Space Make Over

Designate a study space in the home that is quiet and conducive to focus. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something to help them focus and complete their work successfully. Involve your kids in setting up the space. Let them hang pictures or whiteboards on the wall and line up their school supplies to their liking. If your child has a cell phone, we recommend decorating a fun box they can keep it in while school is in session to help limit the distractions. You can also surprise your student with a school space makeover for their new virtual learning experience!

Have a Special Breakfast

With the extra time you will save not having to drive the morning carpool, you can set up a special breakfast! Having a filling breakfast is a great way to start the day. Plan whatever feels special for your family – a doughnut bar, waffle bar, pancakes, a certain cereal, etc. And don’t forget to send them with a mid-morning snack to help them refuel before lunch!

First-Day-of-School Photo

Even though classes are online, you’re still going to want to remember your child’s first day. Try hand making a sign or board for your child to hold in a special “first-day-of-school” photo outside. You can write your student’s age, school name, birthday, favorite color, what they want to be when they grow up or anything cute to remember this unconventional day. It will be nice to look back at the end of the school year at how much they have accomplished and grown!

Pack a Special Lunch

You can have prepare easy and special meals that your children will love, such as sandwiches, pasta salads with meat and veggies, rolled-up cold cuts and string cheese, as well as yogurt with fruit. Don’t forget a note on the lunchbox to make the experience more special and perhaps, normal. One advantage of remote learning is the opportunity to eat delicious homemade lunches. Feel free to be creative, but make sure it is ready for the kids to grab as soon as the “bell” rings.

After-School Snack & Activities

Congratulations, you survived the first day of remote learning and the new normal! Let’s celebrate and balance the virtual learning with some fun in the sun activities such as sidewalk chart or backyard scavenger hunts or perhaps a water balloon fight.

Plan an Easy Dinner

Everyone will be tired after the first day so make things easy on yourself. Plan for a quick and easy meal whether it being ordering pizza or making homemade nachos!


At Arrive Real Estate Group, we are raising our families in the communities where we live, work and play. We are experiencing the same new normals as all of you and are happy to help anyway we can. With nearly 60 years combined experience and enough industry recognition to fill a page, it is still our clients’ happiness and success that matters most to us!

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