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Arrive Concierge with Revive


This is why we have partnered with Revive to offer you a seamless concierge program which allows you to unlock the true potential of your home! With a renovated home, you will attract more buyers, selling your home faster and maximizing your profit with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Why do pre-sale renovations matter?

Many of today’s buyers are hard working professionals who don’t have the time and even the resources for renovations. This same generation of buyers are looking for an HGTV worthy, turn-key property. Many sellers don’t have the time, money and expertise to make these renovations on their own. That’s where Arrive brings in our partners at Revive Concierge to help maximize your home value and profit.

How does the Revive Concierge program work?

Custom Renovation Plan You’ll meet with a Revive expert, who will help determine the scope and budget that will yield the highest return on your investment. Using the latest trends, designs, and materials they will create your custom renovation plan.

Match you with the Right Vendors The Revive team solicits multiple bids to find the right service provider to deliver affordability, speed, and quality. Rest assured, you will be matched with pre-vetted, licensed, and insured service providers.

No Upfront Costs The renovation plan is set. Revive will provide the capital to cover the up-front costs of pre-sale renovations. No interest, fees, or financing. Colors & materials are selected. The service provider arrives on-site and gets to work. The home will soon be in turn-key condition for the open market. Revive will be reimbursed through escrow.

Transform in Weeks Having a turn-key home makes the most impact and appeals to the most buyers, making it highly competitive and desirable. On average, “Revived” homes sell 72% faster and at a higher dollar amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements? It’s all based on equity! Revive requires the homeowner to maintain at least 20% equity after the renovation budget, closing costs and commissions.

What kind of projects can the concierge program be used for? Projects are approved that can be completed in less than 2 months and don’t require any major permits, renovations or structural modifications.

How long does the process take? Planning and verification take one week or less and then depending on the scope of the renovation, the project will take two to eight weeks to complete.


Are you thinking about selling and would like to learn more about our partnership with Revive Concierge? Contact Arrive Real Estate Group today to see how we can help you maximize your equity like we have for so many families in the Tri-Valley.


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