Checklist For Selling Your Home This Spring


Checklist For Selling Your Home This Spring

As you get ready to sell your house, add these items to your to do list. These include decluttering, taking down personal photos and items, and power washing outdoor surfaces to make your home inviting, show it's well cared for and boost its curb appeal. You want to capture your buyers interest long before they ever step foot inside your home. 

Make It Inviting

Let The Light In - Open blinds, curtains and shutters to let in as much light as possible. Have your windows washed inside and outside. Buyers often turn off the lights in a home to gauge the darkness of a room during the day.

Replace Light Bulbs - Do you have any that are in need of being replaced? Now is the time! Also check to make sure that your lights are the same tone throughout the room as they may be noticeable on professional photos.

Take Down Personal Items - Chances are the stagers will have you remove most of your personal belongings and you may not want people recognizing Johnny from the baseball team. Potential buyers want to envision their family in the home, not yours. You are preparing to move anyway so this is a good time to start some of your packing. 

Fix Anything That's Broken - Have you been living with a broken drawer or an outlet that doesn't work? It may not bother you but it will likely show up on an inspection report. It is best to fix as much as possible, whether it's big or small, before inspections and before you list your home. 

Give Every Room A Purpose - Is that extra room a sometimes guest room, sometimes gym and a home office? You want buyers to think your house has all of the space and storage they need. If possible, pick one use of the space as it was intended to be used as. 

Show It's Cared For

Perform a Deep Clean - This isn't just your day to day cleaning but includes those places you probably rarely, if ever, clean. Baseboards, vents, cabinet grooves, light switches, door frames, etc. Many professional cleaners also provide a one time "deep clean" or "move out" special to assist with these areas.

Vacuum, Mop and Sweep Floors - This is probably something you do often but don't forget to do it while you are busy doing all of your specialty move preparations. 

Declutter Throughout - Your stager will provide you with a list of items to move but generally, less is more. And don't forget about the closets! Clean out your closets so that there is nothing on the floor and the doors easily shut. 

Touch Up Paint - Touch up paint throughout your house. Inspect high and low from baseboards to behind doors to ceiling cracks and everything in between. If you don't have the same paint anymore, you can chip a piece off from a hidden area and take it to the store to match it. Just don't forget to touch that spot up!

Boost Curb Appeal

Power Wash Outdoor Surfaces - Patios, driveways, walkways, the exterior of your house and even patio furniture can also benefit from a power washing. 

Freshen Up The Landscaping - Adding new mulch and planting seasonal flowers goes a long way in making your home look its best. Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed, the hedges have been trimmed and the weeds have been pulled. 

Sweep and Dust - Don't forget to sweep your entry, patio and walkways and look up high for any webs that may have collected over time.

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