How A Realtor Can Help You Buy New Construction

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How A Realtor Can Help You Buy New Construction

When you are looking at houses, it can be easy to fall in love with new construction. Many people dream of newly built homes filled with the latest in home design features, new appliances and finishes chosen to please their personal tastes. But, building a home can be an expensive and lengthy process as you make millions of decisions along the way. Ultimately, you’ll have a beautiful new home, with less maintenance, low energy costs and a complete home warranty.

Most new construction developments have a sales office you must pass through before touring the model homes. So why do you need a Realtor if the builder provides one for you? Let’s take a look.

A Realtor Puts You First

The real estate agent in the new construction sales office will have the builder’s interest as their top concern. It is the job of the builder’s agent to get the highest price for the homes so they are going to be less likely to negotiate against themselves.

When you work with your own Realtor on a new home build, their top concern will be you and making sure all of your needs are met. You will need to have your Realtor with you the first time you look at the model home as you may lose the opportunity to have someone represent you during the entire process.

If you were considering not hiring a Realtor in order to save money, know that in most cases, it is the builder that will be paying the commission to your Realtor. If you decided not to hire a Realtor, that allotted money will likely go to the builder’s agent or put back into the builder’s marketing budget, it will not go to you.

A Realtor Can Help You Find the Best Home Builders

Your Realtor will have a wealth of experience in the local market and can find you a builder you can trust. They know about quality of workmanship, warranties, track records for resolving issues and more. They can also give you a clear understanding of the process of purchasing and building a new home.

A Realtor Can Negotiate For You

Besides helping you get the best value for your money, your Realtor can make sure you don’t overlook anything that may have been missed by working with the builder’s agent. Builder’s typically advertise the base price for a home but that’s not normally what you see when you tour a model home. Models usually include many, many upgrades. Realtors can help negotiate these extra upgrades and amenities but also guide you to better financing through a different lender.

A Realtor Can Help with Inspections and Contracts

Home inspections are not only recommended for existing homes, but new construction as well. Before you move into any home, new or old, you want to make sure everything is working properly and that there aren’t any safety hazards.

Another big reason you need an agent is to help with contracts. There is a lot of paperwork involved in purchasing a house. Do you have a home you need to sell before you can close on the purchase of the new construction? A Realtor can assist with that as well.

Everyone wants to walk away from buying a home with peace of mind. A Realtor who knows the area, builder reputations and is in your corner will help facilitate that. They will make sure everything is in writing and that you receive what the builder has promised. Your Realtor may be able to negotiate upgrades for lower price points than you would on your own and have existing relationships with other lenders to ensure you receive the lowest rate.

If you choose to buy a new home build, remember not to officially visit the builder’s site or model home for the first time without a Realtor or you may lose the chance to let one represent you during the journey of buying a new home build. Contact Arrive Real Estate Group to learn more about the home buying process.

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