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How to Make Your Home Earth-Friendly

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How to Make Your Home Earth-Friendly

Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. In honor of this and to help our environment, we are looking at the top ways you can make your home more earth friendly! 

Sustainable Flooring

Floors that are made with natural resources that can be fully recycled and have minimal impact on global ecosystems during their lifecycle are the best for the environment. Some examples include bamboo, laminate and engineered wood flooring. Of course not all things are created equal so make sure you look for products that state they are made from sustainably harvested, recycled or reclaimed sources.

Insulate Your House 

Making sure your home is properly insulated will reduce your use of your HVAC system and thus using less energy. Beyond this, there are also specific types of insulation you can use that are environmentally friendly. Chances are you aren't looking to replace your insulation anytime soon, but when the time comes, consider using a material that is made out of recycled materials and has minimal chemicals. Some examples are wool, aerogel, denim, cork, polystyrene, and cellulose.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your home are one of the most popular ways to help the environment. There are a lot of solar companies who offer different plans ranging from leasing to prepayments to buyout options to full ownership. Make sure you do your research and fully understand your commitment. Also consider how long you plan on being in your home and what happens if you move. Regardless of what the solar company tells you, most buyers greatly prefer to purchase a home with a fully owned solar system rather than to assume your lease agreement. 

High Performance Windows

Dual pane aluminum windows are probably the material of choice as they are durable, efficient and sustainable. As aluminum is a recyclable material, homeowners needn't worry about the environmental impact. Timber windows are also a good choice, by using a natural material. You can also look for a window with Low-E glass that reflects heat back into the room during the winter and reflects it away from the room during summer. Additionally, Low-E glass blocks most of the sun's harmful UV rays, improving the performance and style of your window.

Smart Thermostat and Electronics

Smart thermostats can save you time, energy, and money. They can learn your home's temperature needs and patterns and adjust as needed. Now a days everything from door locks to televisions to thermostats to home monitors to cameras to lights and even appliances such as the refrigerator can be controlled through one home automation system. All of this helps cut down on extra usage.

When making energy efficient improvements to your home, you should always check with local and federal agencies as well as your utility company to look for any current rebates you may qualify for. Need a handyman or vendor to help make these improvements to your home? Contact Arrive Real Estate Group today for our top referrals and learn what energy efficient improvements can do for the value of your home!

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